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There are literally hundreds of insect species that can damage your trees and shrubs. But not all insects on your trees and shrubs are damaging; some are actually beneficial, helping to eradicate the “bad guys that damage your plants. Pro-Care has their own ISA Certified Arborist that is trained to correctly identify the problems your landscapes plants have, suggesting an effective management program for you.

Pro-Care practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM), an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management. Utilizing structural and biological strategies, we're better able to control a wide variety of pest related problems.

Diseases in your trees and shrubs can be caused by microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria, and also by environmental stresses such as drought, temperature extremes, and air pollution. Different agents can produce similar symptoms, making diseases difficult to diagnosis. Pro-Care can help with developing an effective treatment program for your specific plant problems.

Tree & Shrub Program

Protect your landscape investment against disease and insects. A tree and shrub program maintains the health and beauty of your landscape!

Treatment 1

The Problem: Over-wintering pests such as mites, scale and aphids are in their eggs, getting ready to come out of hibernation.

Our Solution: Our early dormant oil is the best solution to help reduce the population. This is a necessity for fruit trees, maples, ash, euonymus and most evergreens.

Treatment 2

The Problem: This is the time to control insects such as leaf miner caterpillars, and diseases such as scab and leaf spot.

Our Solution: At this stage, effective control begins with insecticides that will help reduce the populations. Fungicides are also started at this time to help reduce the effects of diseases.

Treatment 3

The Problem: Spider mite outbreaks are a big problem. Diseases such as rust and scab appear.

Our Solution: Service 3 begins the treatments for mites. A miticide is added to the insecticide and fungicide treatments.

Treatment 4

The Problem: The biggest problems are scale insects, weevils, and diseases like powdery mildew.

Our Solution: Service 4 continues the treatments for insects, mites and diseases. Summer diseases are now beginning to appear.

Treatment 5

The Problem: Another spider mite hatch occurs along with leaf hoppers, Japanese beetle, and other insects. Diseases also are continuing their cycle.

Our Solution: Service 5 continues with the treatments as another mite hatch begins and the Japanese beetles begin to appear. Diseases are also still emerging.

Treatment 6

The Problem: Tree experts agree this is the best time to fertilize your trees and shrubs.

Our Solution: Pro-Care uses the best root fertilizers on the market, applied at the best time of the year, helping to promote a strong root system that will keep your trees and shrubs healthy. A healthy plant is less susceptible to diseases.

*Please Note: Some insects and diseases may require several treatments. Because certain insects and diseases develop at different times of the year, we recommend 6 treatments to cover all situations of the season.

Certified Arborist

John Alagna

Japanese BeetleHave you seen this critter in your yard?  Pro-Care's grub treatment controls grubs including the larvae of Japanese beetles as well as other species that can destroy lawns and foliage of trees and shrubs.

We also treat for the Emerald Ash Borer and can help identify and treat your trees for micronutrient defiencies in various tree species. 

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